Anticipation is building for the Watch with the World event on the show Racing Extinction. The show appears to shed light on endangered species and animals massacred on a large scale for commercial purposes. Commercials have shown investigations into illegal whaling and killing sharks for fins however did not see any reference to Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers, etc… Looking forward to viewing the show and seeing some of these animals where efforts are critically needed in order to save them from extinction.

The asian market above most appears to drive much of the appetite for endangered species’ products such as the Rhino Horn, elephant tusks, shark fins, and whale meat. Efforts should not only be put towards informing the US market about these harmful activities but more importantly should target Asian markets which are a main consumer of these products. In order to be effective a large-scale campaign would likely be needed.

Many of us have seen the show whale-wars and its shocking images of whale killing and the efforts to prevent it, however these shows may not reach the asian market and to what degree they view these shows is unknown. Likewise, information on the risk of extinction to animals such as the Rhino should be pushed to not only Asia, the primary consumer, but to African countries that partake in the poaching and killing of these animals to raise awareness among the community.

In addition to active killing of these animals it appeared the show would highlight some of the negative impact humans, human activities, and industrialization have had on the environment in which these animals live.

Racing exctinction is a welcome show in the effort to reduce the killing of animals such as the Rhino but additional efforts and shows should become more frequent around the world if a true turnaround is to occur.