Identifying the Top Rhino Charities, Foundation, or Conservation can be a very difficult process. Some sites mention hundreds of Rhino Charity organizations, but how many are under the same umbrella just vying for a niche of attention and how many others are legitimate and put funds to good use. Numerous companies have made work out of identifying the Top Rhino Charities by evaluating the actual effect each dollar has to a charity and how much of that actually makes it way to the intended cause, in this case the Rhinos. One such site highlights this very well by presenting dollars received, and how much of it goes to program expenses, admin and fundraising. They even posted some of the top CEO’s salaries? Granted that running any large organization efficiently requires a certain expertise and commitment, perhaps the CEOs are making too much. Check out the site and judge for yourself:
As part of my own investigation I put together a list of 15 or so large Rhino Charities, and visited each site in an attempt at Identifying the Top Rhino Charities.

International Rhino Foundation
The Kariega Foundation – Save the Rhino

Save the Rhino International
SANParks Honorary Rangers
Forever Wild
WWF Global

International Rhino Keeper Association
The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

WILD Foundation
The Rhino Orphanage
African Wildlife Foundation

Project Rhino KZN
National Wildlife Federation
Wildlife Conservation Network
WESSA Rhino Initiative

Black Rhino Range Expansion Programme (BRREP)

Wildlife ACT Fund

Then I tried to identify whether or not they are ideal for me to work with by reviewing their location, the contact information, where they support, and overall whether they look legitimate. I narrowed my list from 15 down to 3, 1 of which didn’t have an email listed.
Project Rhino KZN
International Rhino Foundation

I sent each of these companies a note that read:

Dear xxxxx,
I did a lot of research over the net and on your website and am impressed with the number of quality programs you have to support Rhinos. I founded a company that pledges to support Rhino foundations and your company aligns with my mission. At this time I don’t have any sales as my company is very new. I have inventory and my website established. I would be interested in partnering with you. At this time I don’t have any funds to pledge however I would be able to pledge a portion of my proceeds to you and send you a variety of my polos with my unique rhino & anchor design. In addition I can add a partner page and would post about the new partnership formed and the efforts this partnership supported. Even if the shirts aren’t worn by you, it may provide the opportunity for you to hand a few out to visitors to continue building awareness of the plight of the rhinos. Please let me know if you are interested and what support I can offer to your organization.

To my surprise I didn’t receive any reply at all from these organizations. This makes me wonder from an organizational concept if there are complexities with partnering that perhaps I don’t understand yet. To this date I have not received any interest in this partnership but will continue to try and post as soon as I make any progress as I attempt Identifying the Top Rhino Charities.