I remember running across a live video nature site a couple years back that let me connect with the world from my desk.  I re-checked the site and it has continued to expand, adding additional live cameras to several other categories.  I knew the site from watching live footage of the Katmai Bears at Brooks Falls and enjoyed the experience of seeing live bears catch fish at any time of the day, not edited, but live as they would be out in the wild.  In addition to the Bears they now have Pandas, African River Wildlife, Long Eared Owl, Sauces Bald Eagles, Ecad Puppies, and Big Cat Rescue.

I suggest everyone take some time to get outdoors and explore the world at this site.  There are so many great videos and live cameras that most everyone should be covered by something on this site.


As I’m writing this I selected the African River Wildlife and incredibly the cameras has panned over to a large boulder in the river that I’m sure will come alive and present itself as a Hippo.  This has inspired me this morning and could present an excellent way for thousands of people around the world to take notice of these animals and also Rhinos.  It may serve another purpose as well by allowing people to help monitor cameras and protect the Rhinos.

I looked into how I can get a camera specifically for Rhinos but upon reviewing the site it looks like these cameras cost upwards of $400,000 and were provisioned for by grants and other larger pledges.  I don’t think James Comfort is prepared to step up to that level yet, but something to keep in mind for the future.  For now I can just spread the message on this live video nature site.