Monterrey long sleeve casual button up
Monterrey micro flannel for style and comfort

Monterey Flannel


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The Monterey Flannel button up is a great shirt that works well in the city or the woods.  The design is similar to lumberjack flannels but uses a finer fiber and thinner weave which provides for a sleek design yet maintaining the warmth and comfort.  The design uses a combination of reds, oranges, whites, and blacks . Its classic feel gives the wearer a comfortable look and stylish feel. Great for all seasons.

The Monterey Flannel shirt was developed with a trendy style in mind making this shirt ideal for evening or outdoor wear.  This shirt has a logo hidden on the left hip, as well as a chest pocket that is made to blend in with the background pattern.

The logo was chosen for the powerful characteristics of a Rhinoceros. The Rhino is naturally never in a bucking position, however due to the fight it faces in order to survive, we chose this position to symbolize its will to fight and the strength it represents. The anchor has long been a sea-faring symbol. With the development of nautical navigation, trade throughout the world brought the finest goods to new places. Today the anchor has developed into a symbol of luxury and leisure.

Our Mission: To create a brand that represents a classy style not only in looks but in purpose. The brand will seek to promote awareness of high end fabrics and designs at a reasonable price and use some of the proceeds to support Humanitarian Efforts and Animal Welfare.

If you like the Monterey Flannel design we also recommend one of the other casual shirts such as the Orange Gingham which represents a unique spin on plaids.

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